A comprehensive approach to food supplements for men's and women's health

Published: 28-May-2024

Phytéo Laboratoire boasts more than 15 years’ expertise in the production of liquid and solid-form food supplements

As a division of the Herbarom Group, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Phytéo Laboratoire is a key player in the nutraceutical market. 

Phytéo Laboratoire boasts more than 15 years’ expertise in the production of liquid and solid-form food supplements. The laboratory applies its extensive know-how in ingredients and formulation to develop and manufacture effective natural products.

Phytéo Laboratoire will be presenting its entire range at the upcoming Vitafoods
Europe trade show, including tailor-made services and packages throughout the entire value chain t o inspire, co-design, and achieve together to produce the food supplements of the future. A comprehensive approach to food supplements will be showcased at Vitafoods via two target consumer groups: men and women.  


Naturality at the heart of the approach

The choice of ingredients is a fundamental step in nutraceutics.  

For 81 % of French consumers in 2023, the natural aspect of the product is a key criterium when choosing food supplements (Toluna x Harris Interactive survey, 2024). In particular, 47% of global consumers are attentive to claims such as “contains plant-based ingredients” (FMCG Gurus, 2023). 

For 30 years, Herbarom has embodied naturality, capturing the essence of nature and plants. 

The Group’s strength lies in its control of the whole value chain. Strong ties to the farming world enable Herbarom to ensure traceability, control ingredient sourcing and secure supplies for its customers through committed, sustainable and local sectors. Herbarom offers botanical extracts sourced from controlled plant cultures, which are perfectly suited to the formulation and manufacture of food supplements. 

Proven expertise in the functional and sensorial aspects of natural ingredients

The food supplement market is gaining in maturity with increasingly demanding consumers. The consumer experience with the development of pleasurable food supplements, an intrinsic aspect of respect and well-being, lies at the heart of market players’ concerns. For 35% of food supplement users worldwide, taste is an important criterium in the choice of product (FMCG Gurus, 2023). 

Creating the products of the future while offering greater taste pleasure to the consumer requires dual expertise: Phytéo Laboratoire’s galenic expertise, with a wide range of liquid and solid forms, and Herbarom Group’s expertise in flavour. 

Inspire, Co-design, and Achieve: a vast range of value-creating customer solutions

Phytéo Laboratoire acts as a genuine business partner, offering several levels of support and services to develop French-made food supplements. Products that embody Herbarom Group’s expertise in naturality. 


A comprehensive approach to food supplements for men's and women's health

The laboratory offers formulas which can be readily industrialised or adapted to brands’ needs. At Vitafoods, Phytéo Laboratoire will be presenting inspirational formulas for the vibrant segments of women’s health (Mummy Care and Mummy Boost formulas) and the stress and vitality aspect of men’s health. 


Launched at Vitafoods Europe 2023, the Phyteasy offer continues to facilitate rapid and easy food supplement launches. The Phyteasy Ready To Go range of turnkey solutions for market launch will be showcased at the event via six key benefits and market drivers: vitality, stress, sleep, beauty, cognition and digestion. 


A comprehensive approach to food supplements for men's and women's health

 Phytéo Laboratoire’s R&D experts guide food supplement players in the launch of new products designed to meet all customer needs and profiles.  A vast range of tailor-made formulation options for composition, galenics (dry or liquid) and packaging is offered (Doypack®, etc.).

Inspire, co-design and achieve: each step is carried out by Phytéo Laboratoire’s experts, from formulation to regulations, sourcing, sales and marketing. 

Phytéo Laboratoire invites its customers and partners to discover its comprehensive approach to food supplements at the upcoming Vitafoods trade show. In addition to these essential solutions, a range of services to meet the requirements of each customer, at every step of their project right up to market launch is also offered.  

Its à-la-carte services are as diverse as the needs of food supplement laboratories, and include marketing strategy, project brief assistance, formulation, steering, and pricing strategy, in addition to regulatory, scientific, marketing and sales services.


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