Activating ageless beauty with an age-old medicinal ingredient

Published: 16-Apr-2024

The natural retinol alternative offers an improvement in skin sagging and firmness without the irritation

Clariant, a company specialising in enhancing beauty from within through natural ingredients, has added to the nutraceutical industry with its natural retinol alternative, CycloRetin.


Performance, Naturalness, and Gentleness

Gone are the days when it was acceptable for beauty to require sacrifices - today’s consumers expect performance, natural products and gentleness to go hand in hand. As the body’s largest organ, the skin requires special attention. 

Changing lifestyles, heightened stress levels and increased exposure to environmental factors have led to an increase in skin sensitivity and evolving skincare needs.

These developments have driven a shift in the approach to support healthy ageing. 

Retinol, for example, which is known to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and help maintain youthful skin, has been a favourite with skincare consumers since the 1970s. 

Yet its popularity is now facing a major challenge – unwanted irritation. This is where CycloRetin comes in. 

Derived from Prince Ginseng, an adaptogenic plant used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 3000 years, it delivers the performance of retinol compounds without the compromise.

“We went to the Chinese valleys to harvest Prince Ginseng and from it, we extracted this new, naturally formulated cyclic peptide that improves collagen organisation and skin structure which, according to tests, shows it is also free from any irritability. Highly effective even at low concentrations, peptides play a crucial role in supporting youthful skin appearance,” said Julie Droux, Global Technical Marketing Manager for Actives and Natural Origins.


Less is more

Laboratory results show effects in improving skin sagging, firmness and increased radiance in 28 days. 

Notably, CycloRetin is as effective as retinol in enhancing skin appearance within 14 days. Thanks to its unique cyclic peptide content, CycloRetin boosts collagen by 133% while avoiding irritation.




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