Amazing how quickly they grow up

Published: 10-Dec-2018

New Mühlenchemie visuals follow on from the 2006 campaign

Mühlenchemie’s key visual in 2006 became an international symbol of good flour improvers.

The image of six children from five continents about to bite into a super-long baguette was a symbol for taking pleasure in first-class products.

True to the claim, “Food for Generations,” the family owned company from Hamburg decided to reunite its models for a campaign update.

Now in the bloom of youth, poised to take their place in the world, the young adults return to the crisp flour-based product with which Mühlenchemie has helped entire generations on their way.

Back in 2006, when Mühlenchemie first published these key visuals, the focus message was the added benefit of flour improving agents.

The idea was an image that communicated the message in all its aspects, one that not only banged the drum for the rheological properties and baking functions, but showed reasons for adding value to the product.

At the time the children were between 6 and 8 years old; they were chosen to illustrate how flour improvement and flour fortification benefit growing children and show bread as a food to enjoy.

Back then, the campaign was a milestone in the art of communicating technical data: no longer did the advertising place the product parameters at the core of communication, but the added value to be derived from them, revealed in photos with emotional and universal appeal.

At the beginning of the year, Carsten Blum, Mühlenchemie Marketing Manager, who in collaboration with the founder, Volkmar Wywiol, has been instrumental in revamping the brand image, asked himself what had become of the children in the original campaign and how they had fared since.

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A new idea took shape; he decided, after a 12-year interval, to reconnect the young adults with their childhood campaign.

“Following the relaunch of our logo at the beginning of this year, we wanted to update our advertising visuals while remaining true to the essence of Mühlenchemie - a modern, international enterprise driven by customers’ needs that thinks first of the solutions and then of the products.”

It was difficult but successful quest. All the original young models were found and agreed without hesitation to act once more as brand ambassadors in support of Mühlenchemie.

Just as they had done before, the six bit into the never-ending baguette and casually posed for new motifs.

“We were so pleased to meet the children after all these years,” says a delighted Volkmar Wywiol, Mühlenchemie’s founding partner and marketing mastermind. “They have grown into such fine people, and to some extent this is also a reflection of our brand and our products.”

Flour is a natural product and it is therefore susceptible to fluctuating crop qualities. Bakeries and millers, however, need to be able to rely on consistent quality.

Mühlenchemie supplies customised solutions to such problems, thus helping millers and bakers to improve this basic foodstuff and new generations to grow up.

The company itself sets a prime example: the founder, Volkmar Wywiol, and CEO Torsten Wywiol, have just been awarded the title of Family Enterprise of the Year 2018.

The award, presented by the NTES Academy for Family Enterprises (PwC Group) is in recognition of the successful strategy of continuing, now in the second generation, to rely on the values and structure of a family company.

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