Breathe easier this allergy season with Pycnogenol

Published: 4-Apr-2024

Pycnogenol improves respiratory health by reducing inflammation, asthma symptoms, and allergies

Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract offers promising benefits for respiratory health, particularly in managing asthma and allergies. Asthma affects approximately 300 million people globally and is characterised by chronic inflammation, leading to symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness. Pycnogenol® supplementation has shown significant improvements in lung function and symptom severity in clinical studies.

Studies have demonstrated that regular intake of Pycnogenol® can lead to a reduction in asthma symptoms and the need for rescue medication. For example, one study involving chronic asthma patients showed that after four weeks of Pycnogenol® supplementation, patients experienced a 20% reduction in symptom severity, compared to only 4.5% in the placebo group. Additionally, Pycnogenol® supplementation led to a significant improvement in lung function, with patients able to exhale a higher percentage of their lung volume.

Pycnogenol® has also been found effective in managing allergies, such as allergic rhinitis, by reducing symptoms like nasal congestion and eye irritation. It exhibits anti-histaminic properties, inhibiting histamine release from immune cells involved in allergic reactions. This preventive action against immediate immune reactions suggests that Pycnogenol® could serve as a natural solution for allergies like hay fever.

Furthermore, Pycnogenol®'s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties play a crucial role in regulating immune responses and reducing triggers for asthma attacks. Its ability to inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes and markers further supports its efficacy in managing respiratory health.

In conclusion, Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract offers a safe and effective alternative for individuals seeking to manage asthma and allergies. For more information, visit

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