Cognivia the vegetal nootropic, supported by a 2nd clinical study!

Published: 28-Sep-2021

Cognivia, our unique synergistic combination of Sage extracts, has already demonstrated an acute and chronic effect on working memory on active healthy volunteers in a 1st clinical study

As maximum cognitive performance is reached between 20 and 25 years of age, food supplement market is looking for ingredients supporting cognitive functions, for all people:

  • For active people, mental alertness is an issue
  • 40% of consumers between 26-35 years old showed interest in ingredients for focus and mental acuity
  • Athletes use them to remain focused while practicing and competing
  • For 94% of adults over 50 years old, staying mentally sharp is “everything they need”

Cognivia is a vegetal nootropic, the first ingredient to combine Garden Sage leaf extract and Spanish Sage encapsulated essential oil. Cognivia has been revealed as 2020 finalist for the NutraIngredients Awards (Europe & USA) in the Healthy ageing category and Cognitive function category!

Nexira’s recent in vivo study shows the beneficial synergistic effect of the two sage species on long-term memory, in both single dose and prolonged use.

Our first clinical study was conducted on healthy active volunteers. Results, assessed by well-known COMPASS battery of cognitive tests, have demonstrated:

  • Overall benefit on working memory function
  • Increase of performance over time consumption
  • Efficacy from single intake to prolonged use

The NEW placebo controlled, double-blind, randomised, crossover clinical study during intense physical activity has highlighted:

  • Acute effect
    Once again, Cognivia has been proven to be efficient from single intake.
  • Working memory boost
    +9% increase in numeric working memory
  • Reaction time improvement
    Compared to placebo, Cognivia has demonstrated a systematic and overall significant decrease in reaction time throughout all test points, which could lead to higher attention performance for e-gaming.
  • Perceived exertion decrease
    Cognitive tests were performed during intense physical activity. Workout has been felt as very intense and inducing fatigue. Cognivia has shown a significant overall decrease in rate of perceived exertion compared to placebo.

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