New study on mental and emotional well-being

Published: 16-Feb-2023

The move toward holistic health is creating new opportunities for functional products to balance emotional well-being and support mental health. Nexira offers a dedicated premium ingredient in this category: Serenzo. Always listening the market needs, Nexira has conducted a new trial to strengthen its proofs on mental and emotional well-being

Listening to the market

The COVID pandemic had an impact on supplement market. According to Innova market insights, supplements positioned on immunity benefits lead the product launches. The second most launched claim is brain-mood health. There’s a rising awareness around emotional wellness and its impact on both mental and physical health. Consumer attitudes related to mental health, including the constant quest of happiness, mental load, tiredness, and problems of sleeping, are expected to continue to drive the need for innovation to improve mood, reduce stress and happiness. Innova Market Insights reports that 53% of global consumers say they have taken action to improve their physical well-being. Another 44% say that they have taken action to improve their mental and emotional well-being.

According to FMCG Gurus, over the next 12 months, 46% of consumers have planned to improve their mental well-being. Consumers will be placing emphasis on their emotional wellness.

New study on mental and emotional well-being

Nexira’s solution

Serenzo is an all-natural, organic and plant-based ingredient, composed of sweet orange essential oil encapsulated in acacia gum. This premium ingredient is specially designed for mental and emotional well-being improvement.

Serenzo has already shown significant benefits on stress improvement and mood enhancement in a former observational study. The efficacy was assessed using normative psychological questionnaires and a physiological marker. The first benefits were demonstrated after only 6 weeks:

  • 50% reduction of subjective feeling of stress,
  • 53% reduction of global stress, measured through normative questionnaire.

Our new 2022 observational study on 134 people has confirmed these results. In addition, Serenzo has shown a significant improvement on mental load and a better management of « all the things that need to be done » via PASS-10 normative questionnaire. Consumers have also reported a perceived boost of mood and emotional well-being after 4 weeks of consumption. All these great results position Serenzo as one of the most substantiated natural solution for Mood and Mental well-being.

From classic tablets to stick packs or trendy gummies format, Serenzo is easy-to-use in a wide array of supplement formats.

New Identity for Nexira’s Health Range

New study on mental and emotional well-being

Leslie Lannebere, Marketing Manager for Nexira Health, has joined the company few months ago. She has worked with the team to redesign the entire range with a new segmentation: “the idea was to address consumer needs and to provide a good clarity of the range”, Lannebere says. Four health categories - covering main consumer needs - have appeared.

Bold and sharp, Nexira Health‘s range delivers on what matter in Nutraceuticals : Preserved Origin, Made in France with expertise and a robust proof of Effectiveness to make a significant difference on the market.

“The objective was to communicate the values and the identity of Nexira Health through key visuals” explains Leslie Lannebere. She is very proud to unveil the new visual identity, a bold and agile positioning that drives positive energy as well as makes no compromise on scientific substantiation and robust proof of evidence.

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