New digestive wellness solution with clinical evidence

Published: 5-Jun-2024

Symrise feels thrilled to launch its latest health solution, clinically proven to support digestive wellness

Did you know that 16% of adults across the globe are suffering from constipation¹? Functional gastrointestinal disorders occur worldwide and have a strong impact. They are impacting the life of 15,2% of women in particular². As a result, consumers are increasingly looking for natural laxatives and a healthy way to improve their diet¹.

At Symrise, we have dedicated ourselves to addressing these health concerns. We are developing innovative solutions sourced from nature and backed by science. To support digestive health and wellness, we designed a new Prune juice concentrate with sorbitol guarantee. The concentrate is clinically proven at low dose to support normal bowel function and activity and improving quality of life³.

We also ensure high quality of our Prune juice concentrate. We do so by locally sourcing and processing delicious prunes at our Buin facility in Chile, the global leader in prune production. This proximity guarantees us the full traceability of our solutions.

For more information or to discuss how to innovate in digestive health with our new prune solution, please contact

Seize the opportunity to meet us in person at stand #2825 by visiting the Supply Side West in Las Vegas, from October 28 to 31. See you there!

¹Sperber et al., Gastroenterology, 2021
² National institute of Diabetes abd Kidney Diseases
³ Li et al., In press

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