DKSH enters European distribution agreement with Omya

Published: 3-Dec-2020

The distributor was reportedly chosen for its expansive network and strong service capabilities

DKSH has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Omya, a leading global producer of mineral-based solutions, for France and Spain.

DKSH will provide marketing and sales, distribution and logistics as well as customer management for Omya’s portfolio of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ingredients.

The brands based on calcium carbonate (Omyapure, Calcipur, Calcipur DC) can be used as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) or as excipients. In the first case, the most common application is calcium supplementation in the treatment of diseases, such as osteoporosis, osteopenia and rickets. As an API, calcium carbonate is also used as antacid in oral, solid or liquid medicines. When used as excipient, calcium carbonate either acts as a diluent or as a pH stabiliser of acid sensitive drugs.

The products based on functionalised calcium carbonate include the brands Omyapharm, Omyanutra and Omyaforte. The first two are used as excipients in the formulation of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical oral solid dosage forms, respectively. Both products offer fast disintegration, excellent compactibility or act as carriers for transforming liquid APIs into high compactable powders, Omya claims. Omyaforte is a bioavailable source of elemental calcium suitable for the formulation of nutraceuticals.

“Omya is delighted to start a strong and reliable partnership with DKSH. With their proven experience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, DKSH will be able to offer Omya’s solutions with a holistic complementary range of services satisfying the customer’s expectations. We believe this is essential for reaching the market in the best possible way and to grow together with our partner,” said Dr Javier Camargo, Global Business Development Manager, Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals, Omya.

Dr Tanja Schaffer, Vice President Global Pharmaceutical Industry, DKSH, added: “We are very pleased to partner with Omya for the first time in France and Spain, two of our key markets in Europe. Omya’s range of solutions are an excellent fit for our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical portfolio. We very much look forward to seeing a lot of growth opportunities with Omya going forward.”

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