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Formulating for growth

Matevž Ambrožič, Marketing and PR Director at PharmaLinea, discusses new product launch strategies for brand growth in 2022

Greater demand than ever for cognitive health products

Consumers recognise the link between cognitive health and good overall well-being, identifying its role as a facilitator of healthy ageing. At the...

DKSH enters European distribution agreement with Omya

The distributor was reportedly chosen for its expansive network and strong service capabilities

Functional ingredients: now more in demand than ever

It is deeply human to let health-related issues slide if they have no concrete impact on the here and now, says Sinem Zeybek, Brand Manager, Fi Glo...

Layn Natural Ingredients launches Nutrae division

Nutrae will provide ingredients suited for applications in health, wellness, sports nutrition, personal care and beauty

Freedom Softgels significantly reduce systolic blood pressure

The product was formulated by Tishcon in Westbury, NY

How to choose an incubator for your nutraceutical business

The number of business accelerators and incubators is increasing, says Ben Jones, Marketing and Partnerships Manager, AberInnovation, adding that p...

Outsourcing partners continue to deliver for the nutraceutical industry

The last 18 months have seen challenges and opportunities in equal measure for the functional food and dietary supplement sector. Rodney Steel, Chi...

Inventia launches subsidiary brand for nutraceutical ingredients

The four pillars of Nutriventia's corporate philosophy are trendsetting, transparency, talent nurturing and total responsibility and accountability

Field study demonstrates krill oil's impact on choline depletion

Aker BioMarine and Oslo University Hospital have done a field study on the effect of krill oil on choline levels during exercise

Health from the pantry

Functional foods: a successful hybrid of conventional products and dietary supplements

Probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics: the revolubiome is under way

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, we should keep in mind that times of crisis often accelerate trends such as transparency, sustainabil...

Bergacyn FF reduces NAFL risk in non-diabetics

The botanical complex of bergamot and wild artichoke has exhibited significant results in a randomized clinical trial

Pycnogenol for men’s health: part II

Frank Schoenlau, PhD, Scientific Director at Horphag Research, presents a comprehensive literature review of the company’s French maritime pine bar...

Lycored launches new holistic men’s comfort solution

Lycored has launched a new extract to aid holistic wellness in men by supporting urinary comfort and promoting better sleep

Global nutraceutical innovations showcased at Food Matters Live 2019

As consumer demand for healthy, natural supplements continues to grow, Food Matters Live 2019 brings together the most forward-thinking global inno...