Faravelli presents vegan polishing agent for bakery goods

Published: 3-Apr-2023

For baked products with a crispy appearance without using eggs, bakery operators can find a good ally in FARAMIX FV-106

In traditional bakery recipes, browning and shine are usually achieved by brushing eggs onto the surface of products just before baking.

However, this technique is not suitable in case of egg intolerances. Also, it does not meet the demand of the growing number of consumers who do not wish to consume foods of animal origin.

To give their baked products an inviting and crispy appearance without using eggs, bakery operators can find a good ally in FARAMIX FV-106 by Faravelli.
FARAMIX FV-106 is a functional system of FARA line, the brand of functional systems formulated by Faravelli's Food Application Laboratory.

FARAMIX FV-106 is a versatile polishing agent for baked goods, that is based on modified starch and that is vegan, as is formulated without eggs. 

It can be applied to sweet and salted baked foods (bread, rolls, croissants, breadsticks, etc.) as it does not affect the taste of the finished product, while making it shiny and golden. It is also an excellent a natural adhesive to stick decorations like seeds, grains, or coconut flakes. FARAMIX FV-106 can be used, diluted, directly on the surface of products. It is also suitable as a preparatory treatment for filling and freezing processes.

FARA a line of functional systems by Faravelli

Based on hydrocolloids, FARA functional systems are suitable for any type of application where water is present in the finished product.

They thus help to precisely define the structure and consistency, help to optimise its organoleptic qualities, and stabilise its characteristics during shelf life. FARA functional systems are the ideal allies for professionals who strive for excellent results in every respect.

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