Galam invests $30m in GOFOS production

Published: 21-Jan-2022

The company began fructo-oligosaccharide production in 2020 with production plants in Israel and Spain

Galam, a global manufacturer of specialty ingredients for the food and animal nutrition industries, announced its plan to launch a production plant for its prebiotic GOFOS.

GOFOS is a soluble sc-FOS prebiotic fibre made by Galam. It stimulates the growth and maintenance of beneficial gut bacteria, the company says, promoting healthy digestive and immune function. The product can contribute to sugar reduction and fibre enrichment across different food applications.

The company began fructo-oligosaccharide production in 2020 with production plants in Israel and Spain. The Israel plant produces sc-FOS in powder form and exports worldwide, while the plant located in Spain specialises in liquid sc-FOS for the European market.

The latest plant, which will be built next to the existing production plant in Israel, will have the capacity to produce additional thousands of tonnes per year.

Itay Vilder, VP Sales at Galam says: “We are excited to announce on the expansion, less than 2 years after we launched our first production. Galam’s expansion supports the rising global demand for GOFOS and continued customer trust and support. We are already supplying GOFOS to customers in more 40 countries and in order to meet the soaring demand and best serve our customers we have decided to scale our production capacity and invest in a new production plant.”

“We are not focusing only on capacity expansion” Itay Vilder added, “we are also expanding and continuously improving our product portfolio. We have recently launched organic liquid GOFOS and we are developing already the next generation of GOFOS with higher prebiotic activity.”

Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (sc-FOS) are a group of strong prebiotics, with scientific evidence suggesting daily consumption can bring about a range of health benefits in both humans and animals.

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