Green Origins’ Organic Powders – Powering up from strength to strength

Published: 9-May-2024

Green Origins has emerged as a leading figure in the global premium organic superfoods ingredient sector, with a strong emphasis on ethically sourced and high-quality ingredients and is ideally placed to meet the needs of its customers, whatever their requirements

During the past two years, there has been substantial growth in organic superfood ingredients across key categories, including organic mushroom powders, green powders, organic Goji Berries, organic cacao powder, and banana powder. 

Organic Mushroom Powders – THE must have ingredient:
With a 68% sales growth in 2023, and a further 31% increase in 2024 (YTD), organic mushroom powders have emerged as the frontrunner of top growth SKUs. This surge in sales can be attributed to the demand of mushrooms as an ingredient, fuelled by consumer interest in mushrooms’ nootropic properties, immunity-boosting capabilities, and high nutritional content. Mushrooms, especially in powder format, are also being used as a functional ingredient within multi-ingredient blends, including in coffee. “Due to their multi-tasking capabilities and health properties, mushrooms are THE ingredient of choice currently”, comments Andy Henshaw, Head of Bulk Sales. “Our strategic focus is on innovation-driven NPD, which will see further mushroom offerings later this year, meeting requests for more unusual mushrooms which lend differing flavour components,” comments Andy. 

As well as offering an extensive portfolio of mushroom powders, a strong and collaborative partnership with the company’s mushroom supplier over the last 10 years, ensures complete traceability to its customer base.  With decades of experience and expertise in the mushroom industry, the supplier is an expert in both mushroom cultivation and processing, controlling the quality and authenticity of the product. Each type of mushroom is cultivated using tailored methods, including specific cultivation mediums, optimal harvesting times, and cultivation periods to maximise product integrity and quality. 

During processing, every step of the production process is strictly implemented and recorded, under the supervision of the quality department. Every batch of finished product is tested by the supplier at their in-house laboratory, and heavy metals and pesticide residues are analysed by a third-party laboratory, ensuring compliance with stringent quality standards. The supplier's organic mushroom planting base adheres to strict organic regulations, continuously updating equipment and providing staff training to maintain quality standards. Raw materials undergo thorough inspection to verify authenticity, ensuring the mushrooms are of the highest quality. Green Origins conducts its own batch-specific testing to further validate product integrity, authenticity, and safety, providing customers with the utmost confidence in their mushroom ingredients, whichever SKU they choose. 

Going Green with Green Superfoods
Green powders are also continuing to experience strong growth. As Andy comments, “we have seen an average SKU growth of 54% from 2022 to 2023, which will likely continue throughout 2024. Increasing consumer demand for green powders from leading brands is driving category growth. This surge is leading to competitor brands seeking green powders, in combination, as well as single ingredients.”

“Our customers consistently seek out items such as algae and wheatgrasses, as well as less exotic powders such as broccoli powder, kale powder, and spinach powder, thanks to their immense nutritional content per gram, coupled with their flexibility and convenience both as an ingredient and for end user consumption.

“Green Origins remains at the forefront of this movement, serving as a driving force in the UK market for high quality, organic green ingredients.  We are committed to driving innovation and setting industry standards,” concludes Andy.

Goji Berries – the snack of choice:
“Goji Berries have also seen incredible growth over the last couple of years, with growth of 156% between 2022 and 2023.  This surge in demand is associated with Goji Berries being recognised as a standalone healthy snack, thanks to their high protein content and antioxidant properties,” comments Andy.  “We offer these in bulk as well as smaller portion sizes which can be sold within retail settings”.   

Organic Cacao Powder – better in every way:
Meanwhile, sales of organic cacao powder have been notable, with a 44% sales increase between 2022 and 2023. As Andy explains, “this is largely being driven by consumers who are seeking out and preferring organic, healthier alternatives to traditional chocolate products. Organic cacao powder's versatility is evident thanks to its wide range of applications, from being used as an ingredient in blends, to being embraced by organic chocolatiers and snacking manufacturers. It is also valued as a standalone ingredient, further solidifying its status as a sought-after product within our portfolio”, comments Andy.

Banana Powder – the all-round fruit ingredient:
“Another key area of growth trajectory is our banana powder offering, which has seen sales growth of 156% between 2022 and 2023. Amid escalating food prices, there is a growing demand for powdered fruit and vegetable products, which provide the nutritional content but stretch further than whole foods.  Used by food and drink manufacturers, banana powder can be a standalone ingredient, as well as incorporated into blends, plus thanks to its nutritional make up, it can also be used as a flavouring and sugar substitute, making this particular ingredient a must have for food and drink manufacturers,” explains Andy. 

“Our success is because over the last 12 years our focus has been on delivering a formidable offering of nutritionally dense, pure and ethically sourced premium superfood ingredients. We recognise the importance of offering innovative products which address the needs of our customer base, whilst also staying attuned to shifting consumer trends and how these can be meet.  We really do see ourselves as “sourcing partners”, delivering quality based, forward-thinking ingredients, which are sustainable and traceable, comments Andy. 

“In conjunction with this, we adhere to all relevant UK and European certification including, BRC Global Standards Certification and Organic certification: Certified to EU Organic Standard and Great British Organic Standard, as well as being Vegan and Kosher, making us the superfood ingredient partners of choice, concludes Andy.

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