Kappa Bioscience receives vegan certification

Published: 17-Jun-2020

Kappa has received Vegan-Approved certifications for its vitamin K2 and premium Calcified Atlantic Seaweed marine calcium ingredients

Kappa Bioscience, maker of K2VITAL vitamin K2 MK-7, has received Vegan-Approved certifications for its vitamin K2 and premium Calcified Atlantic Seaweed marine calcium ingredients.

New certifications for MCC powder, MCT oil and microencapsulated K2VITAL DELTA vitamin K2 products now provide vegan-certified product options across the full K2VITAL line. Certification was conducted by the internationally recognised Vegetarian Society, founded in 1847.

The vegan consumer market and lifestyle are growing trends. Health consciousness is among the drivers of this growth. However, concerns about deficiencies of certain nutrients, vitamin D, B12 and selenium included, lead many who follow a vegan diet to take nutritional supplements.

Vitamin K2 is a frequent co-ingredient with vitamin D because it helps regulate calcium for bone and cardiovascular health. Kappa's certification helps ensure these consumers have vegan-approved vitamin K2 supplement options.

Vegan Approved certifications strengthen Kappa's vitamin K2 product portfolio. Approvals establish that certified K2VITAL products are vegan compliant and GMO-free. Vitamin K2 is an essential vitamin which activates proteins that integrate calcium into bone and prevent calcification of vessels and arteries. Some K2 is produced by the body from vitamin K1 obtained from green leafy vegetables. Meat, eggs and certain cheeses, however, are the primary sources of vitamin K2 in western diets. Kappa's Vegan Approvals provide assurances to vegan consumers who wish supplement K2 alone, or in a vegan-approved D & K2 product.

"Kappa has a long history with vegan-compliant vitamin K2 and calcium supplement products. Having vegan-approved options across our full K2VITAL product line only strengthens this" said Garnet Pigden, President Kappa US. "Kappa has developed over 150 vitamin K2 product concepts in our latest Formulation LookBook, many of which have been launched by major brands. A significant number were specifically designed to be vegan compliant, and these new certifications only expand our ability to create products to meet this growing consumer segment."

K2 is an essential vitamin which balance calcium in the body. K2VITAL activates osteocalcin proteins which incorporate calcium into bone, and matrix Gla proteins prevent calcification of vessels and arteries. New research demonstrates that vitamins D3 and K2 work synergistically for bone and cardiovascular health, each functioning more effectively in the presence of the other. Kappa's microencapsulated K2VITAL DELTA is the market leader for K2-plus-mineral formulations to preserve stability.

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