Mercurius Production and Disproquima: Unlocking Health with Lactoferrin CLN

Published: 10-Apr-2024

Discover how Disproquima and Mercurius Lactoferrin CLN offer pioneering advancements in immune health and iron metabolism, setting new standards in the nutraceutical industry

In an era where health and wellness take centre stage, Disproquima, in partnership with Mercurius Production GmbH, lead the nutraceutical frontier with its state-of-the-art product, Lactoferrin CLN (purity >97 %). This milk-derived protein is celebrated for its remarkable antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an essential component of daily nutrition.

The exceptional purity of our Lactoferrin CLN is the result of advanced biotechnological processes that enable us to deliver a product of unparalleled quality. Thanks to this care and precision, Lactoferrin CLN is more than just a dietary supplement; it is a promise of health and well-being.

Lactoferrin not only strengthens the immune system, but also improves iron absorption, supports intestinal health and promotes skin vitality. These multiple benefits underline the importance of Lactoferrin CLN for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

At Mercurius Production GmbH, our dedication lies in exploring and understanding the full spectrum of benefits Lactoferrin offers. Collaborating with health experts and nutritionists, our goal is to develop innovative applications and delivery forms, further amplifying Lactoferrin's positive health impacts.

Lactoferrin CLN by Mercurius Production embodies our commitment to quality and purity, with the aim of enhancing our customers' well-being. It's our dedication to health that drives us to continuously push the boundaries of nutraceutical science.

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