Turning back the ageing clock with MonaJuventa Nu

Published: 30-Apr-2024

The novel ingredient has shown efficacy in human clinical studies and cellular assays, reducing telomere shortening and increasing mitochondrial ATP production

Mibelle Biochemistry, a global ingredients developer and manufacturer, has released a novel anti-ageing solution — MonaJuventaTM Nu. 

This extract, derived from Scarlett beebalm and lemon balm, is the first botanical as a standalone solution that modulates biological processes associated with ageing

The concept of biological age has captured consumer attention with the potential of a new mega-trend, but so far only a few ingredients and consumer products, typically as complex mixtures, have been investigated on clinical level. 


Backed by science 

In various cellular assays and a placebo-controlled human study, MonaJuventa Nu has showcased notable anti-aging effects, with its most striking effect being its ability to reduce the epigenetic age of consumers — a significant marker of human aging. 

Experiments conducted on human fibroblasts revealed a 40% reduction in epigenetic age, which translates to a rejuvenation of 12 years. 

A clinical study reinforces these results, showing significant effects on different aging parameters after daily supplementation of 100 mg MonaJuventa Nu over 84 days when compared to a placebo group.

MonaJuventa appears to also protect from telomeric shortening, which is heavily implicated in the ageing process. By preventing this phenomenon, the product can help to avert cell senescence, working to promote healthy ageing. 

Additionally, the ingredient enhances mitochondrial ATP production in human cardiac cells, bolsters vascular function by increasing nitric oxide release and offers protection from oxidative stress. 


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