Arla Foods Ingredients promotes dairy for healthy ageing

Published: 22-Apr-2021

Two of the most common health concerns in the 40-60 group are age-related bone and muscle loss

Arla Foods Ingredients has pointed to recent research to demonstrate how dairy products can reportedly deliver healthy ageing benefits to consumers in their forties and fifties.

The research shows consumers in the 40 to 60 age range are highly aware of the importance of nutrition to help them stay healthy and active. Six in ten choose products with protective or preventative health benefits, and 65% strongly agree food or beverages can be used to reduce the need for medical products.1

Two of the most common health concerns in the group are age-related bone and muscle loss, which is driving interest in food and beverage products with high levels of protein and calcium. To help manufacturers meet this demand, Arla Foods Ingredients has launched what it calls the ‘Healthy Through Life’ concept, featuring three dairy recipes.

The concept includes a yoghurt featuring Nutrilac YO-8402 and Nutrilac YO-4205 (functional milk proteins) and Capolac (a milk mineral concentrate high in calcium phosphate). The company has also introduced a high-protein, high-calcium pudding featuring Nutrilac FO-7922 and a high-protein iced coffee with Nutrilac RM-7020 and Capolac.

As well as providing high levels of protein and calcium, Arla says, the recipes are all low-in-sugar or no-added sugar.

Barbara Jensen, Sales Development Manager for Dairy and Bakery at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Consumers in the 40-60 age group have significant buying power, and naturally many of them want use it to stay fit and active for as long as possible. There is increasing interest in nutrition as a strategy for healthy ageing, and in particular in everyday foods and beverages that can reduce the risk of age-related bone and muscle loss. By using our solutions, manufacturers can create a range of dairy products that are high in protein and calcium, contributing to the maintenance of muscle mass and bone health, and helping consumers stay healthy and active for longer.”


1. Health Focus International, 2020. N=3,000 (China, Japan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia)

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