Bio-gen strengthens EU presence with NUTRAGROUP

Published: 18-Jan-2023

The partnership enforces focus on bringing cost-effective, scientifically-backed natural ingredients in the EU market

Bio-gen Extracts India and NUTRAGROUP France have reached an exclusive agreement for NUTRAGROUP to distribute Bio-gen Extracts’ clinically-proven ingredients in France, Spain, Switzerland, Benelux and Nordic markets.

These markets will benefit from obtaining cutting-edge nutraceutical ingredients that are a result of sustainable supply chain practices, state-of-the art manufacturing processes, clinical evidence and technological innovations.

For over two decades, Bio-gen Extracts has been developing and introducing revolutionary Nutraceutical ingredients to the world. 

With its mission to help the world “choose good health”, the company is revolutionising the carotenoids space with Lute-gen, its award-winning, clinically-proven marigold extract containing lutein & zeaxanthin-isomers. 

Other products include CaroRite, a carefully-crafted natural mixed carotenoid complex, containing the ideal dosage of lutein, zeaxanthin, beta carotene, alpha carotene, lycopene and other carotenoids. 

We are delighted to collaborate with Bio-gen Extracts and to participate in their development on the French market

TruBeet, designed to provide the maximum amount of nitrate from beetroots, clinically-proven to improve exercise performance and increase muscle oxygenation also features alongside FenuLean an advanced plant-based protein and fibre from fenugreek seeds for metabolic health; with ThymoPure, a black seed extract standardised to Thymoquinone for immunity; among many others. 

NUTRAGROUP distributes a panel of natural plant ingredients with proven effectiveness. Each of these patented ingredients benefits from clinical studies and provides an additional value for your future nutraceuticals. 

"Whatever the demand, NUTRAGROUP provides a solution both in the search of raw materials and in the manufacture of food supplements. This partnership with Bio-gen Extracts allows NUTRAGROUP to broaden its offer of ingredients and to differentiate itself from its competitors. We are delighted to collaborate with Bio-gen Extracts and to participate in their development on the French market,” said Mehdi Boulahia, CEO of NUTRAGROUP. 

NUTRAGROUP’s focus on clinical science, traceability, transparency and sustainability provides the perfect synergy between the two companies to make a difference for the EU consumer and help them "choose good health". 

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