Colorcon launches TiO2-free coatings

Published: 8-Apr-2019

New coatings for nutritional and dietary supplements ares available in a range of "natural' colours

Colorcon has announced the launch of Nutrafinish TiO2 Free Coatings for nutritional and dietary supplements. The new product line has been introduced to meet increasing consumer demand for label-friendly ingredients. The new range will be on display at Vitafood Europe 2019.

Available as a wide range of “natural” colours, Nutrafinish TIO2 Free Coatings provide a superior finish that both appeals to the consumer and guarantees efficient and reproducible manufacturing performance.

Although there are no direct alternatives, with the same opacifying and pigment properties as TiO2 (titanium dioxide), Colorcon is committed to using its extensive technical knowledge to ensure customers wishing to switch to Nutrafinish TIO2 Free Coatings can achieve a colour match comparable to existing formulations, without compromising on performance and aesthetic finish.

As it can be challenging to match existing formulations that utilise TiO2 with other currently available materials, the Colorcon Technical and Regulatory Teams provide direct support to customers during any transition to clean label alternatives.

Visit Colorcon at booth H178.

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