Colorcon launches Nutracore, label friendly excipients at Vitafoods

Published: 24-Apr-2023

Stand B128: Unlike traditional excipients, Nutracore is designed for consumer assurance, meaning clients can make label friendly tablets and capsules that customers will love

We understand that manufacturers are looking for more efficient and consistent manufacturing performance for natural products that also meet increasing consumer demands for sustainability and clean label. 

Start with the core 

Choosing the right tablet or capsule excipient is often complex – but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the superior powder flow, lubricity and compressibility of Nutracore, Label Friendly Filler and Lubricant, Colorcon makes it simpler than ever to make great tablets and delight consumers.

Finish with the coating 

Specifically designed using label friendly ingredients to add consumer appeal for nutritional, herbal and dietary supplement products regulated as foods. Nutrafinish, Dietary Supplement Coatings can be formulated to exclude use of TiO2 and still deliver an elegant attractive coated finish for your product.

Deliver high performance products

Colorcon’s natural advantage excipients and coatings are developed to meet the technical and commercial needs of nutraceutical and supplement providers around the world.

Backed by science, supported by experts

Connect with the team at Vitafoods to find out more.

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