Cosucra inaugurates state-of-the-art pea processing plant

Published: 23-Jun-2015

The global market leader in pea proteins celebrates the 25th anniversary of its pea protein extraction and the opening of its brand new production facilities

A two-day opening event on the 18th and 19th of June 2015 will be bookmarked as an important milestone in the history of Cosucra.

The company was celebrating the inauguration of its new new pea processing line: an extra line that was built to meet the growing demand for vegetable protein.

Active for exactly 25 years in pea protein, Cosucra is strengthening its industrial and commercial leadership with this €30 million investment in its Belgian pea fractionation unit.

Cosucra is a Belgian company, a pioneer in the world of high added value nutritional ingredients derived from chicory and peas. Its products, Fibruline (inulin extracted from chicory roots), Pisane (a pea protein isolate) and Swelite (pea fibre) are used by more than 400 manufacturers and are included in over 1500 food products worldwide.

In 1990, when no economic player was taking any interest in this natural food ingredient, Cosucra emerged as a pioneer in the extraction and marketing of pea protein.

Today, natural food ingredients are indispensable in an increasing number of food applications. Owing to the continuous growth of the world population, there’s a rising demand for more sustainable sources of protein as meat becomes more expensive and less available to the masses.

The demand for plant-based proteins is expected to grow by more than 40% from 2010 to 2030. Next to this ecological cause, people are more and more consciously looking for natural foods. Where vegetarians used to be a small minority, we see them joined by flexitarians, who prefer to avoid meat once or twice a week.

And taking a look at the sports nutrition segment, we also notice a broadening of the user groups. Where protein for muscle growth or recovery was a ‘privilege’ for professional endurance sportsmen, nowadays the amateur athlete also dares to grab for proteins.

Cosucra obviously perceived this evolutions and that’s why the company is keen to strengthen its presence in the pea protein market and to provide its commercial and industrial partners with higher volumes.

'Our new processing line has been developed according to the latest state-of-the-art technology, based on our most recent know-how and with a focus on sustainability. Owing to some optimisations, we've managed to reduce our ecological footprint. Cosucra is ready for the future!' said Michel Dewael, Commercial Director.

'This new pea protein refining line will reinforce Cosucra’s corporate strategy and mission,' said Jacques Crahay, CEO, adding: 'Cosucra makes a contribution to safe and healthy food using the traditional wealth of locally grown vegetable crops. With our scientific expertise, taste for innovation and market knowledge we develop exclusive new ingredients from the products of nature. Our ultimate aim is to improve the health and well-being of each and everyone.'

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