Exploring the World of Medicated Chewing Gum


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Exploring the World of Medicated Chewing Gum

Chewing gum as a dosage format for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications in the OTC and vitamin and dietary supplement market stands out as a fast growing, innovative format, supported by its convenience, efficacy, familiarity and pleasurable experience that provides to consumers.

Examples of applications of chewing gum as a delivery system include nicotine replacement therapy, digestive health, vitamins, immune support, minerals, herbals, energy management, oral care, cannabinoid applications, among many others.

In all these applications, the use of chewing gum has proven to be a unique and pleasurable remedy for consumers providing them added benefits such as fresh breath, oral hygiene and convenience. The development of chewing gum with active ingredients includes the design of the right gum base, AI stability and release, chewing robustness among other important factors. Together with the full organoleptic profile, it is possible to design innovative oral dosage forms that suit consumer needs in the consumer selfcare market.

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