Faravelli announces new collaboration with Natural Innovations Group

Published: 28-Sep-2022

Faravelli Inc is now the distributor in USA and Canada for the Australian Natural Innovations Group

International distributor Faravelli has announced it is now the distributor in the US and Canada for the Natural Innovations Group (Natural Innovations). 

Natural Innovations is a company that “strives to develop environmentally friendly and innovative products that positively impact human health and wellbeing,” according to a Faravelli spokesperson. 

The result is that Natural Innovations offer some of the best plant-derived ingredients sourced from different regions across Australia and the globe, addressing specific nutritional needs. 

The Faravelli spokesperson added: “The company name speaks for itself: the company will help you fight innovation stagnancy delivering a range of “revolutionary” solutions – above all PhytoCann BP, a novel cannabinoid plant extract from island black pepper and legal in all markets - working in the immune support, calm & sleep, mood, pain, anti-inflammatory, detox, brain health, beauty from within, and heart health areas."

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