Fooditive and Frutco collaborate on European sweetener plant


The project will commence in January 2021, with the plant due to open mid-2022

Fooditive and Frutco collaborate on European sweetener plant

Fooditive and Frutco have announced a partnership to bring the Fooditive banana sweetener line to Europe. Frutco will use Fooditive’s production methods for bananas, and the sweeteners will be industrially manufactured and distributed.

The companies are constructing a multi waste- and residues-based biodiesel plant that can process all banana side streams and tropical fruits for continuous fermentation. It will process the side streams - including those from banana processing, but also from other tropical fruits - into fruit extracts and sweeteners.

“Years ago, we made it our mission to be 100% sustainable by 2030, making the world a better place bit by bit and doing our part. With Fooditive by our side, we are now expanding our product range and creating a new sweet world, but one that is resource efficient and healthier. We are confident that this project will allow us to achieve another milestone in continuing to conserve resources, protect the environment and strengthen the health of many people,” said Claudia Lauener Hofer, COO, Frutco.

The plant will use Fooditive technology to process fruits and vegetables, including by-products from food processing, waste from the food industry and non-food crops grown on marginal land.

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“This project will lead to a better world, where we use all types of plant-based side streams to improve people’s lives providing food ingredients that are healthy and sustainable. Our project with Frutco is a promise to deliver a product with the highest standards,” said Fooditive CEO, Moayad Abushokhedim.