Gencor’s Gencinia demonstrates glucose metabolism marker benefits in prediabetics

Published: 19-Oct-2023

Gencor has announced the publication of its recent clinical trial, backing its extract of Coccinia cordifolia branded as Gencinia to manage blood glucose levels when used as part of a healthy diet

The study, published in the Phytomedicine Plus Journal, examined how Gencinia may impact blood glucose levels in just 12 weeks.

The double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial included 48 prediabetic adults ages 27–73.

The group received either 1000 mg/day of Gencinia or a placebo. Glucose metabolism markers were taken at baseline, week six and week 12.

After 12 weeks, there was a significant difference between the Gencinia-supplemented group and the control group in fasting blood glucose levels and 2 hours post-prandial glucose levels.  
“More and more people are turning to the natural products industry for blood glucose support ... and Gencinia is a strong ingredient to help manage blood sugar levels,” said R.V. Venkatesh, cofounder at Gencor.

“We are happy with these results and plan to investigate further how natural ingredients can help manage glucose levels for improved well-being.”
This is the second study verifying how Gencinia can provide glucose support. The first study found that 1000 mg/day for 60 days improved fasting blood glucose and post-prandial levels in subjects aged 35–60. 

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