ITO EN to supply matcha to North American supplement market

Published: 30-Jul-2021

The company’s ceremonial matcha adds to Taiyo’s existing portfolio

ITO EN, a global supplier of green tea and matcha powder, has chosen to partner Taiyo International to supply matcha to the food, beverage and supplement industries in North America.

ITO EN supplies brands including Tea’s Tea, Matcha Love and Oi Ocha to the US. The company’s ceremonial matcha adds to Taiyo’s existing portfolio of culinary organic matcha powder and ceremonial organic matcha powder.

“Taiyo is proud to partner with ITO EN, which rounds out our overall green tea portfolio. It is exciting to blend our B2B strengths with ITO EN’s consumer-facing expertise,” said Scott Smith, VP of Taiyo International. Taiyo’s portfolio also includes Suntheanine, a pure form of L-theanine, and Sunphenon and Teavigo standardised green tea extracts.

“We value the history and the authenticity of Japanese green tea including matcha. We have been able to sustain those values with high quality tea products utilizing our expertise in production and product development. We are very pleased to partner with Taiyo International, having expertise in the North American food and supplement markets. It will enable us to explore new product offerings to American consumers in addition to our product line up of beverage, tea bags, and tea powder,” said Naritoshi Tomisawa, Head of International Business of ITO EN. Japan.

Matcha powder is made of high-grade green tea leaves cultivated with special care. The market for the ingredient has evolved quickly, the companies say. Consumers have become more familiar with matcha thanks in part to its use by high-end coffee retailers as well as elite specialty brands.

“Consumers are becoming much more sophisticated in their appreciation of the true taste, color and aroma of matcha,” said Smith. “The timing of this partnership between Taiyo and ITO EN is ideal due to the growing demand for the flavor of authentic organic matcha as well as its health benefits.” Matcha powder is also a wholesome nutritious ingredient. When treated with care, Matcha is a rich source of polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, fibers, chlorophyll and L-theanine.

“As the market becomes better educated about high quality matcha, it is important that formulators have trusted suppliers who can deliver a premium ingredient and can provide valuable advice on how to position it. This is where Taiyo excels,” said Smith. “There is such a rich history associated with matcha, in addition to its tremendous health benefits. Understanding and educating people about this history is essential to bringing high-end products to store shelves.”

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