I Holland helps to solve tablet sticking problems with an in-depth webinar


I Holland will share its knowledge and expertise on the production of tablets in an hour-long webinar on 26 March

I Holland, a leading manufacturer of tablet tooling for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, will share its knowledge and expertise on the production of tablets in an hour long webinar on 26 March, giving visitors the opportunity to ask questions on how to maximise tooling productivity.

With 70 years of experience in providing innovative tablet tooling and complementary equipment, I Holland is well placed to answer any questions visitors may have on how they can boost their productivity in the tableting sector.

Rob Blanchard, I Holland R&D Manager, along with a panel of experts, will answer any questions put forward to help tablet manufacturers get the most out of their production with a direct question and answer webinar session. 'Tablet manufacture is an ever changing environment that requires changes to respond to this evolution. Sometimes the productivity and efficiency of traditional tablet manufacturing does not produce the required end result, and innovative approaches are needed,' explains Rob.

'I Holland has worked hard to understand tableting science and has extensive experience and research in the best methods to produce an end product which meets expectations.'

'We have held a series of webinars, including how to increase tablet production and efficiency with successful implementation, solving your sticking problems with tableting science, good tablet design and how a punch and die maintenance SOP improves your profitability and productivity, and were overwhelmed by the response.

'What we discovered was that visitors wanted more time to ask questions that really got to the root of how they could maximise profitability through improved productivity. We have a number of innovative product developments and studies that continue to transform the way pharmaceutical manufacture is undertaken, making it a process that is fast, precise, reliable.'

'With this knowledge, we can help our customers in their quest to deliver annual cost reductions while maintaining exacting standards of quality. We hope that the webinar will provide answers to production questions to give a better understanding of the process.'

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The webinar, How to Maximise Tooling Productivity, is open to all, with registration available on the I Holland website, and will be held at 2pm on 26 March. To ask any questions you may have on improving tooling productivity in the pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals sectors please visit www.tablettingscience.com.

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