I Holland hosts a live webinar to help customers maximise their tablet tooling life


Presentation will examine how through the implementation of a tooling management and maintenance system, the lifetime and productivity of tooling can be maximised

I Holland hosts a live webinar to help customers maximise their tablet tooling life

I Holland, a leading manufacturer of tablet tooling for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, will be hosting their first live webinar of the year on 2 March, entitled How to maximise tooling lifespan and productivity through planned professional management and maintenance.

The cost of tool replacement is often known, however hidden costs such as those created by the unavailability of tools owing to avoidable damage or unforeseen replacement can be lacking. By implementing a management system to monitor all aspects of the punches and dies being used, helps to increase production and reduces downtime.

Webinar presenter, Andy Dumelow, I Holland’s PharmaCare and Technical Sales Manager, said: “Traditionally, tablet punches and dies were often viewed as expendable items that could be replaced easily. Today this is not a reliable strategy. With the requirement for increased productivity and profitability, simply replacing tooling without maximising the efficiency and planning replacements is not a desirable policy."

“By adopting a simple but powerful tooling management system, it fulfils the core requirement of enabling tablet manufacturers to manage their tooling in an ordered and traceable way. Installing software to help in this task will lead to increased tooling productivity and press uptime."

“I Holland introduced an innovative and affordable solution – IH-TMS. The management system allows for proactive monitoring of tool rotations, tooling inventory and tooling maintenance."

"This information gives manufacturers a complete audit trail on production, an important process in tablet manufacture. The webinar will allow us to speak directly to our customers and offer guidance on how management systems can have a huge impact on production.”

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The webinar is open to all, with registration available on the I Holland website, and will be held at 2 pm on 2 March. Visit www.tablettingscience.com for more details or register.