Kaneka Innovation Award progresses to Phase 2

Published: 12-Feb-2020

The first phase of the contest has concluded with seven winners recognised for next-gen probiotics with unique mechanisms of action

Kaneka Probiotics has announced that its Naturally Smart Probiotics Contest — Phase 1 of its Kaneka Innovation Award Program (KIAP) — has recognised seven company winners in three categories, including baby colic, cardio, and intensive GI.

The first phase of the KIAP included a giveaway worth US$150,000 of the newly launched probiotic product line, Floradapt.

Seven independent and innovative US brands were chosen based on their interest in developing the next generation of probiotics with unique mechanisms of action (MoA).

“We had a fine group of companies demonstrate their enthusiasm for this innovative contest and are thrilled about our future collaboration with the selected winners,” said Mike Kolifrath, Vice President of the Kaneka Probiotics Division.

Among the winners, Wayne Gorsek, the founder of Vitacost.com, commented: “We have worked with Kaneka for over 20 years and we trust their quality, their products are backed by clinical studies, and they have a high degree of safety and efficacy.” Gorsek is also the head behind Dr Vita.com and NaturesLab.com.

KIAP Phase 2

Kaneka’s Kolifrath also confirmed the competition will progress into the second phase of Innovation Award Program, which is to be activated at Expo West 2020.

Phase 2 of the KIAP will be an entirely novel award involving a $150,000 in clinical funding grant to the sole winner.

Kolifrath explained: “Similar to the Free Product Contest Giveaway, applications for Phase 2 of the KIAP can be submitted by contacting us directly or turning in an application on the spot at Expo West 2020. We strongly believe in these new products to better serve today’s consumer demands.”

Probiotic innovation

Floradapt, the patented and clinically tested probiotic range by Kaneka, come from sources around the world that have not been affected by western lifestyle, diet, or medicine.

These products, the company claims, provide highly bioefficacious effects for various stages of life.

Floradapt has an extensive bank of over 1,000 acid-resistant clinical strains for targeted health conditions including cardio, intensive GI, digestive, oral health, mature immune defence, baby colic, urinary tract, and vaginal health.

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