LEHVOSS nutrition division partners with Nating

Published: 21-Jun-2018

High quality Mediterranean extracts with functional advantages are now part of the Gee Lawson range

Nating, Italian manufacturer of Mediterranean extracts, has partnered with Nutritional Division of LEHVOSS UK - Gee Lawson, to distribute its botanical ingredients across Europe excluding Italy, their native country.

“We are proposing typical Mediterranean botanicals that can be used for nutraceutical, food and cosmetic applications with a focus on people’s health and well-being alongside with the rediscovery and valorisation of an important Mediterranean biodiversity and some niche productions”, stated Alessia Mattielo, Sales Director of Nating.

She added: “We have made the specific choice to propose Sardinia, unspoilt and natural land, rich in traditions and nature that is still unique in many ways, as the core of our production. Compared to other geographical areas, Sardinia’s beautiful landscape has so far remained intact with local people having deeps roots of tradition.

"We focus on the prerogatives of the Sardinian region to guarantee high quality ingredients that are observant to culture and nature. We believe that the ethos, sales and marketing strategy of LEHVOSS can perfectly match our philosophy and therefore we trust LEHVOSS is the right partner to promote and sell our range of ingredients across Europe."

Finding a European supply source of extracts from unspoilt surroundings with an expertise is rare

Jonathan Shorts, Head of Lifescience for LEHVOSS UK Ltd /Gee Lawson Divisions commented: “Finding a European supply source of extracts from unspoilt surroundings with an expertise is rare and fits our ethos and requirements to service customers both existing and new. The people behind Nating are also dedicated, so a perfect match as we develop this range with them. Our Group is very excited by this opportunity.”

Nating product lines includes traditional Mediterranean extracts manufactured by Nating under strict quality controls. Furthermore and very recently, Nating has developed botanical extracts with functional carriers (spelt and buckwheat), aimed to offer additional health benefits. These benefits have been preliminary evaluated with in-vitro studies, carried out by the Food Chemistry Laboratory at the University of Pavia and results are promising.

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