Life Extension debuts phytonutrient combination for stem cell function

Florida-based Life Extension has partnered with Insilico Medicine using AI to identify a combination of phytonutrients that support stem cell health

Florida-based Life Extension has partnered with Insilico Medicine, in Maryland, to utilise AI to formulate GEROPROTECT Stem Cell, a dietary supplement that helps maintain youthful, healthy stem cell function.

Stem cells help rejuvenate the body by transforming into tissue-specific cells (called differentiation) and creating more stem cells (called self-renewal). But over time, stem cells tend to lose these unique properties, which are essential to tissue rejuvenation.

“Scientists from Life Extension and Insilico Medicine collaborated to use artificial intelligence and other expertise to identify a combination of phytonutrients that support stem cell health,” said Dr Andrew Swick, Chief Scientific Officer at Life Extension. “This is another example of our scientific team utilising cutting edge technologies to provide innovative products to our customers.”



GEROPROTECT Stem Cell encourages balanced stem cell differentiation and self-renewal with nutrients that promote healthy stem cell function, cellular protein regulation, DNA health, AMPK signalling, and more.

Insilico Medicine used deep machine learning to identify specific ingredients that promote health stem cell function – the piceatannol from passion fruit, trans-resveratrol, and garcinol from kokum fruit. This formulation helps promote cell signalling pathways to support healthy tissue maintenance and longevity.

The new supplement also encourages the body’s natural process for managing senescent (old) stem cells. This helps stem cells keep working as they should.

This new product can be taken by itself, or with other GEROPROTECT Life Extension products (Ageless Cell and Longevity A.I.). GEROPROTECT Stem Cell can also be paired with Senolytic Activator from Life Extension for enhanced youthful cellular health support.