New CryoCap microencapsulation MenaQ7 ensures vitamin K2 stability

Published: 13-Feb-2018

An effective dietary supplement begins with supplier partners delivering material that is clinically validated to be safe and efficacious.

A good partner also assists to ensure that their material is stable in a customer’s formulation. Sounds simple enough; yet, few can actually meet these essential criteria, potentially jeopardising a brand’s reputation. The exception is NattoPharma, the global vitamin K2 leader, who advances the category with its new CryoCap, a microencapsulated MenaQ7 vitamin K2.

Variables against stability

Ensuring stable menaquinone ingredients in any application is not a one-size-fits-all solution. NattoPharma’s research shows that moisture and mineral salts are critical variables for degradation, and drives the need for a protective technology.

The Answer: MenaQ7 CryoCap — a NattoPharma Advance Delivery Platform technology developed specifically for dry delivery applications with interactive compounds, such as alkaline minerals or oxidative ingredients.

Unique technology

CryoCap offers advanced protective technology, providing delivery for the most aggressive interactive formulations. Featuring a proprietary encapsulation process, NattoPharma uses MenaQ7, the all-trans all-active menaquinone ingredient at 96–98% concentrated MK-7. The encapsulation process utilises a unique chilled process to limit heat and incorporate the active MK-7 into a matrix that requires very little carrier and is hydrophobic, completely protecting against moisture in final formulations.

Proven protection

Vitamin K2, when protected from UV light, is stable in single-ingredient formulations, such as oils and powders and in many combinations under most conditions. But when a product calls for a more complex formulation, NattoPharma’s CryoCap technology protects K2 in a myriad of environments — against mild minerals like calcium citrate, more aggressive mineral mixes such as marine mineral complexes, and even very aggressive products such as chelates.

NattoPharma, a specialist in Vitamin K2 R&D, has conducted rigorous "stress-testing" on its clinically validated and patented MenaQ7 CryoCap technology, confirming the companies' superiority compared with its competitors’ offerings.

The right vitamin K2

MenaQ7, the Expert Brand, advances the field by providing the clinically validated Vitamin K2 in a robust delivery system, ensuring the customer the proven benefits for bone and heart health.

Contact NattoPharma today to learn more about CryoCap and to incorporate your formulation with technology that ensures the most robust delivery of MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7.

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