New Nektium facilities inaugurated


The industrial estate comprises a manufacturing plant, advanced laboratories and a new office complex, spread over 10,000m2

New Nektium facilities inaugurated

Several government authorities were present at the inauguration of Nektium's new production facilities that were designed to produce high-quality, standardised botanical extracts this past Friday. The construction of the industrial estate, comprising a manufacturing plant, advanced laboratories and a new office complex, spread over 10,000m2, started in 2015 and are fully operational since 2018 with a production capacity five times bigger compared to previous facilities.

"Researching innovative ingredients and producing them here in our facilities is the core of the business. It was a logical consequence to emphasise both these pillars of Nektium", says Dr. Miguel Jiménez, founder of Nektium Pharma. He consequently expanded the R&D team and further opted for a new production plant with a higher production capacity.

The inauguration was attended by the Spanish Secretary of State for Commerce, Xiana Méndez, along with other representatives of the government, who thanked Dr. Jiménez for counting on the Canary Islands as location for his business.

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"We experience more demand than ever for our botanical extracts and are very happy with the pro-active choice of Nektium's CEO Dr. Miguel Jiménez to invest in a new manufacturing facility and advanced laboratories to increase the production capacity and ability to conduct our own scientific research in-house. This allowed us to expand sales of our principal products such as Rhodiolife, Xanthigen and Zynamite to many parts of the world", explains Annette Badenhorst, Sales & Marketing Director at Nektium.

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