New Taiyo warehouse in Hamburg


Taiyo has relocated its ingredient storage facility in Germany, now offering maximum product safety and special storage rooms

The logistics company In Time, specialist in the import, storage and transport of food and food ingredients, has provided a new warehouse near Hamburg for Taiyo.

The new storage facility guarantees safe import and transport, proper storage and compliance with GMP regulations and HACCP standards.

With fully air-conditioned halls that are subject to constant air quality tests, all year round, storage temperatures can be adjusted from 5–24 °C to accommodate specific ingredients and foodstuffs. Taiyo now benefits from a variety of storage rooms for both odourless and pungent products, thus ensuring maximum product purity.

Computer-assisted, real-time tracking of products during storage and transport makes it possible to query the stock and consignments at any time online, offering logistical advantages that meet individual customer requirements.

“The need for new storage facilities was driven primarily by our growing portfolio of organic raw materials,” Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director of Taiyo GmbH.

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“With the online warehouse management system, we are able to view and manage our stock of ingredients and individual consignments at our company headquarters at any time," Siebrecht said.