Nutriventia study reveals sustained-release vitamin C creates higher absorption

Published: 1-Sep-2022

C-Fence is Nutriventia’s vitamin C direct-compression granules made with the company’s proprietary modified-release technology

India-based Nutriventia has announced a study showing the effectiveness of its sustained release C-Fence tablets in achieving higher absorption.

Published in Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics, the report observed the pharmacokinetics of the novel sustained-release tablets at 500 mg in 18 adults compared to a placebo.

According to the report: "It has been suggested that multiple daily gram doses of vitamin C can help in exceeding the homeostatic saturation level. Studies have demonstrated that single gram-dose supplements produce two- to three-fold higher peak plasma concentrations, however, these returned to steady-state levels within 24 hours after intake."

The study was motivated by the knowledge that because of the saturable active transport mechanisms in the absorption, distribution, and excretion of vitamin C, oral doses above 400 mg/day are not effectively utilised.

The report continued: "Oral administration of higher doses of vitamin C is limited by osmotic diarrhea and saturation of absorption, along with an additional risk of hyperoxaluria. Lack of compliance to multiple daily dosing is also a practical issue. Thus, a slow-release formulation can serve as a potential alternative, which can release vitamin C at sub-saturation levels for a prolonged period, and thereby effectively increase overall exposure and uptake."

A majority of consumers take higher doses in the effort to flood their bodies with the vitamin, but more are understanding that to do so is to waste it

A total of 17 blood samples were collected from each participant, including four pre-dose samples and 13 post-dose samples; samples were analysed for the pharmacokinetics of plasma L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

In 2021, vitamin C remained the top-selling immune supplement with 17.84% of the market, according to Nutrition Business Journal's 2022 Condition-Specific Report. And while post-pandemic (2020) numbers are down, they are expected to pick right up by 2025.

"Vitamin C is the single vitamin that consumers historically turn to for immune and overall wellness," said Anand Godbole, VP at Nutriventia. "A majority of consumers take higher doses in the effort to flood their bodies with the vitamin, but more are understanding that to do so is to waste it, as well as their money. The new technology used in our C-Fence allows health conscious consumers to achieve the desired higher doses, as shown by our new study."

C-Fence is Nutriventia's vitamin C direct-compression granules made with the company's proprietary modified-release technology allowing for a smaller dose of vitamin C to be consistently released periodically. C-Fence DC granulates maintain consistent plasma concentration for an effective 24-hour sustained support, allowing improved benefits at a lower dose. C-Fence is also free of excipients and processes.

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