Based on a rich 30+ year history of providing innovative technology platforms in the pharmaceutical space to create generic-plus API solutions as cost effective alternatives to provide health benefits to customers, Inventia Healthcare launched their brand Nutriventia to develop from these platforms natural-based, value-added nutraceutical and food ingredients. Nutriventia provides innovative ingredient solutions through extensive technical expertise and scientific research to enable industry brands to bring to market a variety of finished formulations and consumer-relevant claims.

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We have remodeled our proprietary Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS) based on decades of experience and expertise in improving pharmaceutical generic products into avenues to apply the same technologies into a natural, diet-based platform using best-in-class and high active content natural products. And we couple this with differentiated claims based on clinical research in healthy human subjects.

Our goal is to create value for our customer base with their consumers thereby enabling formulators to differentiate their products in their competitive landscape while delivering foreseeable benefits for consumers. Personally, we are passionate about technology and nature-based therapy and marrying the two was a natural priority for us.

Branded Ingredients:

1. TurmXTRA (Water dispersible turmeric extract ingredient) – All natural, clean label, surfactant free, low dose (just 250mg/day), clinically substantiated for joint health, water dispersible and the highest content of curcuminoids for water dispersible products (60%).

TurmXTRA Explainer Video from Nutriventia by Inventia on Vimeo.

2. Prolanza (Ashwagandha SR for stress): A sustained release Ashwagandha root extract containing a spectrum of 20 withanolides (including 10 USP withanolides) that is gradually released over a period of 8-10 hours enabling its therapeutic action of managing stress, cognition and improved sleep.

Prolanza Animation film_v2_221017 from Nutriventia by Inventia on Vimeo.

3. C-Fence (Vitamin C DC granules for SR tablets) - A long-acting single dose of Vitamin C which provides 12 hours protection making it convenient for end consumers. It contains free-flowing, non-hygroscopic and non-sticky granules which involves no formulation development cost and time as the product has been tested and confirmed to be validated for the specific release profile (sustained release). Pharmacokinetic study show presence of Vitamin C from C-Fence in plasma for 24 hours thus ensuring all day antioxidant coverage.

C-Fence_ Single dose 12 hour optimized Vitamin-C from Nutriventia by Inventia on Vimeo.

4. CaffXtend (Natural Caffeine Sustained Release) – Natural and clean label caffeine from coffee robusta, no synthetic excipients, extended-release profile. One dose would give increased alertness over 12 hours. Pharmacokinetic study in comparison with regular natural caffeine
shows better overall performance in subjects administered with CaffXtend.

CaffXtend Explainer Video from Nutriventia by Inventia on Vimeo.

5. Melotime (Melatonin SR for sleep) – Melotime offers a unique sustained release profile despite having an average particle size that is small enough to be included into 30% Aqueous content like gummy formats and yet providing a consistent release profile with a 50% release in the first hour to provide immediate effect, and then continuous release over 5 – 6 hours to ensure sound sleep. Post 6 hours the release profile drops to ensure that overall melatonin levels drop in conjunction with the wake cycle after sound satisfying sleep.

Melotimeanimationfilm_v3_subs_221207 from Nutriventia by Inventia on Vimeo.

6. bsRx (Boswellia for gut health) – Specific ratio of Boswellic acids for new indication in gastric health, clinically validated through animal pre-clinicals, human clinicals studies on IBS patients, free flowing, taste masked, water dispersible.

Customized solutions:

With the help of our patented technological capabilities, Nutriventia provides solutions differentiate or solve an existing issue for a brand. Our technology platforms include:

  1. Dispersible Solutions, instant and uniform dispersions with higher solubility and bioavailability. A great example is TurmXTRA, a high concentration enhanced turmeric extract clinically substantiated for musculoskeletal health at a low 250mg input in a healthy human population.
  2. Taste Masking without the sugar to turn bitter or unpleasant bioactives into unflavored, unsweetened, and neutral tasting ingredients. We have a neutral-tasting EGCG, Boswellia and minerals.
  3. Powdered Liquids which is a process of conversion of liquids to powders with a high active content. We have Sumbia which is a high content MCT oil powder.
  4. Modified Release including quick, controlled, and site-specific release. We offer a number of brands with this technology, including CaffXtend (Caffeine), Melotime (Melatonin), and C-Fence (Vitamin C DC).
  5. Gum Granules, ready to compress chewing gum granules usable on standard tableting equipment. We have turmeric and ginger extract gum granules readily available.

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