OptiBiotix launches SlimBiome Indonesian website with CTC Group

Published: 13-Aug-2020

The company has launched a new website to support the growth of SlimBiome across Indonesia

Leading life sciences company, OptiBiotix Health, which develops compounds to tackle obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, has announced the launch of a new website to support the growth of SlimBiome across Indonesia. It was created in collaboration with distribution partner CTC Group.

Following the successful launch of SlimBiome.ph for customers in the Philippines earlier this year, the SlimBiome.ph/id website is part of the same turnkey solution designed to promote the weight management ingredient to customers in Indonesia. Featuring comprehensive information on how the EFSA-approved ingredient provides a science-backed approach to maintaining a healthy weight, the website also functions as a digital marketing tool for CTC Group, enabling the company to reach new potential customers via their native language.

Steven Riley, Director of Marketing and Consumer Sales at OptiBiotix, said: "It's exciting to be working on another SlimBiome website this year in collaboration with CTC Group, especially in Indonesian, which really showcases the global presence of the ingredient. After launching the first in the Philippines, we've continued to see growing interest for our award-winning weight management technology in Asian territories.

"According to the Indonesian Basic Health Survey (Riskesdas) in 2018, one in five adults were classified as obese. The research suggests a rise of Western cultural influences from fast food with poor nutritional value has created a worrying obesity trend, which has steadily risen since 2007. By working with CTC Group, we hope to change consumer attitudes by helping them to adopt healthier lifestyles with the support of SlimBiome."

Having operated in the Indonesian market since 2017, CTC Group sources innovative ingredients for the food manufacturing, health & nutrition, beauty and personal care sectors in both Asia and Europe. With its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the company has been working with OptiBiotix since 2018 to meet the demands of the Asian and Central American weight management market, as well as the health and wellbeing sectors.

Dr Frederic Narbel, Managing Director of Functional Fibres at OptiBiotix, said: "We are very pleased with the work CTC has done and are happy to support its sales efforts with the creation of marketing assets to explain the science behind our functional ingredients. We look forward to the future of our partnership with CTC and are eager to strengthen our presence in the Indonesian market with the website, alongside CTC Group's focus on product innovation in 2020 and beyond."

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including snack bars, dairy products, shakes and meal replacements, SlimBiome features a blend of non-digestible prebiotics, dietary fibres and a trace mineral that supports a healthy and sustainable approach to weight management. By using a tri-mechanism approach, the ingredient promotes a greater feeling of fullness, stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria and helps to regulate the body's insulin response, further supporting the effective metabolic breakdown of carbohydrates and fats.

Lars Wiemann, Chief Scientific Officer at CTC Indonesia, added: "One of the top global health issues that consumers are facing right now is obesity and being overweight, since it significantly increases risks such as diabetes type II and cardiovascular disease. To help prevent serious health consequences, CTC Indonesia continues to actively support the food industry by developing healthier products."

"We're excited to collaborate with OptiBiotix on the launch of a dedicated SlimBiome website, which highlights the benefits of the science-backed ingredient formulated for weight management and gut health. As such, the website will help to drive momentum in the food industry, further supporting healthier lifestyles for Indonesian consumers."

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