Pomella pomegranate extract obtains self-Gras status

Published: 31-Oct-2017

Verdure Sciences announced its Pomella Pomegranate Extract obtained self-affirmed generally recognized as safe (self-GRAS) status following an extensive and comprehensive evaluation by an independent panel of experts

The self-affirmed GRAS status is an indication of Verdure’s commitment to continuously improving its scientific initiatives on its branded ingredients.

The GRAS status will allow the company to continue to diversify its position, backed by human clinical substantiation, safety and efficacy.

Pomella Extract is available in a variety of grades from Verdure Sciences.

These grades include Pomella FG (food grade) and Pomella Organic. All varieties of Pomella have received self-GRAS status, an outstanding accomplishment by the whole team.

“This new self-GRAS status marks a milestone for the Pomella brand,” said Sonya Cropper, VP of Marketing and Innovation for Verdure Sciences.

“The Pomella portfolio continues to set industry standards for pomegranate and in particular, punicalagin research, which we believe will support its success worldwide in a variety of applications and deliverables.”

“We are extremely honoured to have Pomella in the ranks of those whom have also undergone the rigorous process to obtain self-GRAS status,” said Kristen Marshall, Marketing Coordinator at Verdure Sciences.

“Not only is this an incredible achievement, but this is also a stepping stone towards further backing the scientific rigour of our patented and proprietary pomegranate extract. Further, the potential implications of this new status are very exciting to be a part of.”

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