Research demonstrates technology overcoming challenges in omega-3 segment


Traditionally, omega-3 ingredient doses are large, mainly due to their poor absorption by the body. This in turn, makes compliance to such doses, very difficult for consumers

Research demonstrates technology overcoming challenges in omega-3 segment

AquaCelle® formulators can now make smaller doses which increase compliance and tolerance – it’s easier to swallow a small capsule with no reflux problem once a day versus many large capsules several times a day.

The health benefits of omega-3 supplementation are widely recognised however challenges face the market:

  • Efficacy questions
  • Poor consumer compliance
  • High dropout due to reflux
  • Ecological concerns /sustainability
  • Quality issues due to commoditisation of market

Consumers are looking at mindful consumption choices. According to Innova Market Insights, "Mindful Choice" is the number 1 trend for consumers. In terms of omega-3, choosing a product which provides a better health outcome, and guarantees a more efficient use of a resource is a powerful ‘X-factor’. Reducing doses supports sustainability of resources and ecological concerns within the segment.

Pharmako Biotechnologies’ AquaCelle® is a patented delivery system for lipophilic actives like omega-3 oils, made in a TGA licensed facility, from food approved ingredients sourced to pharmacopeial standards. AquaCelle® is optimized for reduced excipient levels (as low as 15% for fish oil versus 40% for competitors), with higher bioavailability than competitors.

AquaCelle®-Omega-3 pharmacokinetic studies show improved absorption of omega-3s in blood plasma of six times. The study published in the European Journal of Nutrition1 demonstrated a 6x enhanced absorption and eliminated the “food effect” (the requirement for lipophilic actives to be taken with fatty food). Further studies have been conducted using AquaCelle® formulations for algal oil2, krill oil3, lutein4 and coenzyme-Q10 5.

AquaCelle® formulations have a unique ability to counter “fishy reflux” 3, a leading reason for consumer non-compliance.

Omega-3s are important nutrients from an anti-ageing perspective. AquaCelle®-Omega-3 formulations answer the challenges omega-3s face in the market.

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