Robertet launches powder range of essential oils

Published: 22-Jul-2019

New offering builds on Natur-Cell, the patented encapsulation technology by the French fragrance and flavour manufacturer

French fragrance and flavour manufacturer Robertet has launched a new range of essential oils in powder form. The new offering builds on Natur-Cell, a proprietary patented technology by Robertet.

Natur-Cell is a unique and 100% natural encapsulation technology that uses inulin as a matrix to protect the entire essential oil profile and to turn them into powders.

Inulin is a soluble fibre and a prebiotic, which acts as an active and technical carrier with positive benefits on digestion and transit. This unique technology provides new opportunities for the use of essential oils in a powder version.

Health properties

Industry connoisseurs find there is growing trust in the effectiveness of essential oils for numerous health indications. “Topical application by massage is privileged in Anglo-Saxon countries, whereas oral administration is more often recommended in France,” Pascale Gélis-Imbert, Pharm D., explained. She specialises in phytotherapy and aromatherapy, and worked with Robertet on these powdered essential oils.

Robertet said its new range will allow nutraceutical companies to address a large variety of health indications, including the most demanded such as digestion, immunity or relaxation.

In France since December 2018, the General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control listed 77 botanicals recognised as traditional essential oils, which can be administered orally in food supplements and placed on the market more easily than before.

Some of these essential oils also benefit from EFSA pending claims giving them more added value for their use not only on the European market but also in all countries where scientific proof is mandatory.

All of Robertet essential oils are also available in the organic-certified version.

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