SelectSIEVE Glitter: the new nutricosmetic ingredient made by ROELMI HPC

Published: 21-Nov-2023

SelectSIEVE Glitter is an ecosustainable answer for skin dark spots and hyperpigmentation

As a pioneer of sustainability driven innovations, ROELMI HPC studies the world with genuine curiosity, selecting the best of botanicals to create effective ingredients for people’s health and beauty.

Celebrating Nature’s euphony with a gentle and unique activity, the SelectSIEVE line by ROELMI HPC aims to preserve the inner activity of phytochemical compounds.

The appearance of skin spots represents a blemish that is as annoying as it is common, especially when it impacts on people's emotional and psychological sphere ... and therefore on their quality of life.

These changes can be the result of various internal and external factors, including hormonal changes, inflammation, injury, acne, eczema, certain medications, UV exposure or ageing itself.

It is in this context that ROELMI HPC’s innovation laboratories has conceived the new botanical complex dedicated to the beauty and skincare world: SelectSIEVE Glitter.

Composed of a synergy based on a pool of extracts of olive by-products (Olea europaea L. var. Coratina) and licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.), the ingredient is the result of the company’s strict commitment to promote an ethical and responsible approach; plus, it represents the perfect example of circular economy integrated with the valorisation of local crops.

The efficacy of SelectSIEVE Glitter is clinically proven. The clinical study, performed on 60 volunteers aged 25-65, confirmed that the ingredient is useful in the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation, as it is able to reduce skin dark spots in terms of size and colour intensity, thus giving the skin a more radiant and youthful appearance.

Through the inhibitory action of tyrosinase activity, it contributes in reducing melanogenesis while supporting the response to oxidative stress of the skin. 

SelectSIEVE Glitter is the ideal ingredient for the development of dietary supplements dedicated to skin well-being or as a support for your daily antiageing beauty routine.

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