Stability of vitamin K2 as vitaMK7

New results show good stability of vitamin K2 as vitaMK7 when formulated with different mineral salts

Stability of vitamin K2 as vitaMK7 after 12 months at 25oC

The results published in the “Stability study Project” was carried out on vitaMK7 ingredient when formulated with different mineral salts.

The data was obtained at 12 months, with vitaMK7 formulated with Calcium Citrate, Calcium Carbonate and Arginine.

Thanks to its clean profile, vitaMK7 shows excellent stability data – 4 years at room temperature - and remarkable assay recovery to short time light exposure (48h) of approximately 93% - often regarded as the real stability issue.

VitaMK7 also shows good stability when formulated with the different calcium salts without the need of any coating, which would otherwise increase the number of non-natural substances.

The Official USP assay method for Menaquinone-7 was applied for all analytical tests.

Impurities are often characteristic of synthetically derived MK7 and/or using poor production method of fermentation-derived MK7.

The use of solvents in the production process can also degrade the product and produce further impurities.

As such, K2-plus-mineral products with high levels of impurities are likely to miss the K2 label claim.

A pure and stable MK7 ingredient like vitaMK7 minimises the cross-reactions with other ingredients/excipients included in the formulation for the entirety of the products' shelf-life and offers an extended warranty of stability.

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