Study reveals effects of tomato nutrient complex

Published: 13-Mar-2023

Lycored's product Lycomato is sourced from tomatoes and contains standardised levels of carotenoids

Lycored has revealed the findings of a new clinical study on the effects of the company’s tomato-derived nutrient complex, Lycomato. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of carotenoids mean they can support the skin from within, balancing the effects of ageing. Sourced from tomatoes, Lycomato contains standardised levels of carotenoids, which includes lycopene (15mg), phytoene and phytofluene to support skin health and appearance. 

In the clinical trial, 50 healthy women of different ages (35 – 58), ethnicities (Asian, Black, Caucasian and Latino), and skin types (Fitzpatrick II-V) took Lycomato soft gels containing 15mg of lycopene daily for 12 weeks. 

Their skin condition was assessed using three methods: expert visual grading of facial markers, instrumental measurement (including assessment of firmness, elasticity and skin barrier via trans-epidermal water loss) and consumer perception via questionnaires. 

It’s exciting to know that participants reported feeling a difference and feeling good about themselves

The visual grading identified significant improvement to a range of parameters after both four weeks and 12 weeks of supplementation. These included fine lines, wrinkles, pore appearance, brightness/radiance, skin tone evenness, dark spot intensity, smoothness and firmness. The instrumental measurement found significant improvement to skin firmness after the fourth and 12th weeks and significant skin barrier improvement after 12 weeks.  

The self-assessment stage of the study also revealed significant results. After 12 weeks of supplementation, 86% of subjects said that using Lycomato had improved the overall appearance of their skin. 88% said it had improved their skin’s elasticity, 86% said their skin felt smoother and 84% said it felt younger or healthier. 

Elizabeth Tarshish, PhD, Head of Claims and Clinical Affairs at Lycored, said: “In this study we see that Lycomato drove a significant improvement across a variety of ages, ethnicities and skin types, as evaluated by expert grading, instrumental measurement and most importantly – user perception. We strive to empower people to feel comfortable in their own skin, so it’s exciting to know that participants reported feeling a difference and feeling good about themselves.” 

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