Study shows CurcuWIN curcumin improves vascular health in healthy subjects

Published: 13-Sep-2016

CurcuWIN’s greater bioavailability correlates to efficacy at a lower dose and demonstrates a unique benefit for vascular and heart health

A new groundbreaking study on CurcuWIN - OmniActive Health Technologies' highly bioavailable form of curcumin extract - demonstrates efficacy in a healthy population for improving flow mediated dilation (FMD) at a low dose of 1000mg CurcuWIN. The study, entitled 'A Novel Form of Curcumin Improves Endothelial Function in Young, Healthy Individuals: A Double Blind Placebo Controlled Study' by Jonathan Oliver, et al., was published in the current issue of Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, 2016.

Flow mediated dilation is a measure of endothelial function and a predictor of cardiovascular health. 'The inner lining of blood vessels is the endothelium and it plays a critical role in vascular health. The development and progression of cardiovascular disease depends on healthy endothelial function,' said Dr Jonathan Oliver, Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University. 'A major contributor to the development of cardiovascular disease is damage to blood vessels, specifically the vessel wall.

'When this occurs, the vessel does not respond appropriately. Lifestyle behaviours and nutritional interventions that improve the function of the blood vessels lead to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.'

As the study name suggests, FloMeD measured the direct impact of a nutrient using flow mediated dilation on endothelial function and shows that supplementation with CurcuWIN impacts healthy circulation.

Sixty healthy, young adults aged 19 to 29, were enrolled in the randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in which FMD was measured at baseline and after eight weeks of supplementation with a placebo or either 250mg or 1,000mg of CurcuWIN, supplying 50mg and 200mg of curcumin, respectively.

The study demonstrated that 1,000mg of CurcuWIN resulted in a significant improvement in FMD of approximately 3 percentage points (or 37% increase) compared with placebo.

'What’s really exciting about the FloMeD study is that CurcuWIN may potentially reduce CVD risk by 27-52% because every one percentage point increase in FMD potentially reduces cardiovascular risk by 9-17%,' stated Lynda Doyle, Sr. VP Global Marketing, OmniActive Health Technologies.

In a subset population of individuals with baseline FMD <7% both doses resulted in a significant increase in FMD of 3.3 and 3.6 percentage points respectively. Lower FMD values are considered at risk for CVD.

'CurcuWIN has been at the forefront of the highly-bioavailable curcumin market with our well-controlled clinical trial – the first study of its kind comparing standard and enhanced curcumin products,' said Doyle. 'The study showed up to 46-times higher bioavailability compared with other enhanced forms and standard curcumin. We’re excited to show that this new study further supports how CurcuWIN’s greater bioavailability correlates to efficacy at a lower dose and demonstrates a unique benefit for vascular and heart health.

'CurcuWIN offers a great alternative to standard curcumin ingredients or when considering a bioavailable curcumin for your formulations.'

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