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Published: 26-Sep-2020

Tennessee based singer Drew Young wrote "You Can't Grow A Forest Without Seeds" for Lycored's 5th annual Heart+Soil day event

A Heart + Soil Day Crash Chorus from Lycored on Vimeo.

From highlighting the rich beauty of the earth that sustains us to exploring the potential of the amazing plants and nutrients that nourish us and caring for the communities that make us who we are, our friends at Lycored have been putting an extra focus on all that connects and sustains us this year.

For Lycored's 5th annual Heart+Soil Day event, the company decided to build on and celebrate the deep interconnectedness that underlies all it does with a global online sing along conducted in a virtual Zoom workshop by London based choir director, and group singing advocate Dominic Stichbury.

The participants sang a song written expressly for the event by Tennessee-based singer, Drew Young, called You Can't Grow A Forest Without Seeds. More than just a metaphor, seeds truly are an essential part of what they do. Their success would be nothing without the plants that inspire their ideas and then give them the powerful nutrients they share with the world. They treasure this relationship and take care to work in harmony with nature in every step of their processes.

And while it hopes our voices can seamlessly join together across the miles and WiFi connections, Lycored also hopes the event helps show how singing can be great for our minds and spirits.

"The virtual workshop was open to all who want to join in (even if singing is not in our forté). Afterwards, we asked some willing participants to share with us a video that we have compiled on the Nutraceutical Business Review to serve as inspiration to our industry to find ways to enjoy all the beauty around us and to remember that the earth is everyone’s common ground."

"Happy Heart + Soil Day"

The Lycored Team

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