Valio launches a new product segment to enable better-tasting protein products

Published: 23-Nov-2023

Leading Finnish dairy company Valio has launched a new milk protein concentrate (MPC): Valio Eila MPC 65

Valio’s expertise in lactose free milk protein development helps manufacturers to create better tasting and healthier high-protein products to meet the growing global market needs.

Valio has reimagined the future of protein with the launch of Valio Eila MPC 65. The new concentrate continues in the footsteps of Valio’s other protein-enriching products, bringing the taste and texture of the end product to the forefront.

Lactose free for better digestive comfort, this new product can elevate protein puddings, shakes, ice creams and drinks to the next level.

Tasty and healthy without compromise – no sandy texture or undesirable flavour

In the highly competitive field of protein-enriched foods, a common issue is that the flavour and the texture of the end products can be a little bit off. This was the issue Valio sought to fix with the development of Valio Eila MPC 65.

“Consumers leading an active lifestyle want excellent nutritional value without compromising on the taste. We needed a product that has all the benefits of milk’s natural whey and casein proteins and amino acids, and none of the taste and texture problems usually associated with high-protein powders”, says Sinikka Saikkonen, Business Development Manager at Valio.

The result is a new product that the manufacturers will love: Valio Eila MPC 65. It combines Valio’s expertise in lactose free with the nutritional values of excellent dairy milk protein.

“Valio Eila MPC 65 can be used to create a versatile selection of lactose free, high-protein products that will taste like they were made from fresh milk and have the texture of traditional snacks and treats. It truly is a game changer in the field of protein-enriched products”, adds Jarna Tanskanen, Business Manager at Valio.

Consumers loved new, tasty high-protein products

As always, to ensure that the flavour and texture of the end product are what the consumers want, Valio conducted a consumer test in Germany. A group of 110 people participated in the test.

When tested against four leading competitors, Valio’s high protein UHT ready-to-drink (RTD) prototype was best liked overall.

Consumers who liked the thicker texture of the drink gave its appearance, flavour (taste), and texture/mouthfeel a high score.

Nearly 70% of consumers agreed that Valio's RTD prototype had ideal flavour and sweetness, being the highest score in the test.

Milk protein concentrate helps manufacturers streamline their production

Valio’s new protein product portfolio is designed specifically for manufacturers that are looking for ways to meet the growing consumer demand for high protein, lactose free and great-tasting snacking products.

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With the addition of Valio Eila MPC 65 to the product portfolio, Valio can serve its customers even better than before, with a steady supply of high-quality powdered milk ingredients.

By replacing liquid milk with powdered milk products, a manufacturer can easily streamline their production process without additional steps, such as filtration, concentration or hydrolysation that are usually related to higher protein and lower lactose contents.

“Valio’s powdered ingredients are suitable for versatile processes. You can make UHT products such as RTD beverages and shakes, fermented products such as spoonable and drinkable yoghurts, neutral products like puddings and desserts or even ice cream. And they will all taste great and have a pleasant texture,” Saikkonen adds.

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