Vitafoods Europe: Algatech has an eagle eye

Published: 26-Mar-2019

Algatech will debut its new astaxanthin product, AstaPure EyeQ, which helps protect the eyes from oxidative stress

Inspired by the superb vision and natural mechanism of the eagle’s eye, Algatech has announced the launch AstaPure EyeQ, a microencapsulated, cold water-soluble 2% natural astaxanthin powder. The ingredient can be applied to supplements, functional foods, and beverages.

An eagle’s eye contains astaxanthin and other carotenoids that help protect it from oxidative stress and radiation. Inspired by nature, Algatech developed technology that enables delivery of astaxanthin, for more efficient support of eye health.

A preclinical study conducted at Kyoto University shows that AstaPure EyeQ crosses both the blood-brain and the brain-retina barriers. Pharmacokinetics clinical study demonstrates that AstaPure EyeQ gives a two-fold bioavailability in the plasma.

Located in the Arava desert, Israel, Algatech cultivates microalgae in a patented, eco-friendly, closed system that guarantees the production of safe, pure ingredients and minimises environmental footprint.

Algatech will also present its newly launched AstaPure Arava whole-algae powder and FucoVital, a microalgae-derived composition supporting liver health.

Algatech will showcase AstaPure EyeQ in a virtual reality cinematic engagement at Vitafoods 2019.

Vitafoods will take place on 7-9 May 2019 at Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland.

At the event, Algatech can be found at booth E162.

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