Vitamin K2 success stories start with NattoPharma

Published: 18-Sep-2019

A true supplier partner remains engaged well after kilos are delivered, and according to NattoPharma, that is what all MenaQ7 customers can expect

“NattoPharma has worked tirelessly to confirm the bone and heart benefits of MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7 for all ages. With 19+ human clinical trials published in reputable peer-reviewed journals, manufacturers can be confident they are creating products that will produce real results for users,” explained Chris Speed, NattoPharma’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.

“Our commitment to clinical validation is matched only by our emphasis on bringing those benefits to the attentions of practitioners and consumers,” he continued. “Driving awareness is one way of ensuring standout products are sought out by consumers, benefiting the discerning companies that have selected MenaQ7 as their K2.”

MenaQ7: A solution for any product

MenaQ7 delivers the most complete K2 portfolio, offering a natural soy-based variety (MenaQ7 Natto MK-7), a natural chickpea-based variety (MenaQ7 Natural MK-7), an MK-7 based on a nature-identical synthesis (MenaQ7 PharmaPure), as well as the first-of-its-kind MenaQ7 Full Spectrum K2, which delivers MK-6, MK-7 and MK-9.

NattoPharma also takes into consideration that many parameters influence formulation stability, and studies show that moisture and specific ingredient combinations have significant impact on K2 stability. Protective technology is essential when formulating Vitamin K2 with minerals that are central in bone complex products, for example. To that end, NattoPharma offers MenaQ7 CryoCap, which protects the MK-7 molecule against aggressive alkaline conditions with a natural microencapsulated matrix.

NattoPharma R&D Solutions guides partners, ensuring a stable menaquinone ingredient in any application.

Media Outreach Drives Demand

NattoPharma's commitment to education and outreach has made Vitamin K2 part of the media vernacular. This outreach has increased the demand for its partners’ quality products.

The company has almost completed a year-long UK consumer outreach campaign, which has emphasised the importance of selecting products that feature MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7, “the only K2 clinically validated to provide true health benefits.”

In addition to sending samples of MenaQ7 products directly to media influencers with mailers highlighting the health benefits of correcting K2 deficiency, NattoPharma hosted an intimate press breakfast with some of the core health-focused publications in the UK where products were discussed and displayed.

With the campaign nearing its end, NattoPharma reports its success is exceeding expectation.

“Influencers have shared comments about and pictures of MenaQ7 products with their followers – reaching tens of thousands of consumers,” said Kate Quackenbush, NattoPharma Director of Communications. “Our finished product partners were an important part of this campaign, allowing us to connect the dots for media and their readers – that MenaQ7 is the best K2 as MK-7, and here are the amazing products where it can be found.”

“Increasing consumer awareness increases consumer demand, which integrally links our success with the success of our partners.”

NattoPharma will be exhibiting at Vitafoods Asia, Stand H34, 25-26 September, and SupplySide West, Booth 5501, 17-18 October. Attendees will be able to engage with the team to learn more about MenaQ7.

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