Vitafoods 2024: Nexira focuses on Metabolic health

Published: 26-Apr-2024

Nexira, global leader in natural ingredients and botanical extracts will launch a new product on glycemia modulation, introduce a new study, and be highlighted as a finalist at the Nutraingredients Awards in the Sustainability category

Today’s consumers take a holistic approach to weight management. At Vitafoods, Nexira will focus on metabolic health, from healthy weight to blood sugar management. To complete its portfolio, Nexira will introduce a new organic and carbon neutral prebiotic product, inavea™ cinnamon & acacia for glycemia modulation, and a new study on VinOgrape™ Plus on gut microbiome modulation.


inavea™ Cinnamon & Acacia is the new addition in the inavea™ range, organic and carbon neutral. The new ingredient is a combination of Acacia fiber and Cinnamon extract standardized to 25% polyphenols. Nexira has demonstrated its prebiotic activity with a gut microbiota modulation, a significant increase of SCFA such as propionate and an enrichment in healthy bacteria such as Parabacteroides distasonis. Both propionate and Parabacteroides distasonis are recognised healthy markers of metabolic health. An in vivo study has also shown a synergistic effect of inavea™ Cinnamon & Acacia with a positive and significant modulation of glycemia and insulinemia.


VinOgrape™ Plus, launched at Vitafoods 2023, is a natural grape extract rich in powerful antioxidant compounds. VinOgrape™ Plus has shown proven prebiotic effect by significantly modulating the gut microbiome profile. VinOgrape™ Plus has also significantly increased the abundance of Akkermansia muciniphila, suggesting a beneficial role in metabolic disorder. This year, Nexira will present new study results demonstrating a significant production of SCFA, including acetate and an improvement of the diversity index.

Visit Nexira's booth #F108 to learn more and discuss potential partnerships with our experts.

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