NutriLeads presentation on precision prebiotics set for SupplySide West annual trade show on October 25

Published: 10-Oct-2023

Located at booth 3341, NutriLeads will showcase BeniCaros in gummy products that SupplySide West attendees can sample

NutriLeads will present research demonstrating the importance of prebiotic fibre structure to producing consistent, predictable gut health benefits at 11:00 a.m. on October 25 at the SupplySide West Supplier Presentation Theatre booth #3077.

SupplySide West, an international gathering of health and nutrition industry professionals, will be held from October 23-27 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. 

Despite their tremendous commercial success, prebiotic benefits for the general population largely depend on the host microbiota composition that differs between healthy individuals. At SupplySide West, Ruud Albers, PhD, NutriLeads founder and Chief Scientific Officer, will discuss research showing the diverse impact of prebiotic fibres with varying levels of structural complexity on the gut microbiota. 

Scientific evidence suggests prebiotic fibre structure is critical for producing consistent, predictable gut health benefits in varying individual gut ecosystems. Dr Albers’ presentation is titled, “Is Your Prebiotic Fast Food or Fine Dining?” 

“Not all prebiotic fibres are alike,” said Dr Albers. “Prebiotics with simple structures that can be fermented or eaten by virtually all microorganisms in the gut are like fast food – the benefits may be inconsistent or limited. Research shows that fibres with just the right specificity, like BeniCaros, promote the growth of beneficial bacterial species, regardless of the existing variations in individuals' gut microbiota composition.” 

NutriLeads manufactures the award-winning precision prebiotic BeniCaros from upcycled carrot pomace. Scientifically known as Rhamnogalacturonan-I (RG-I), BeniCaros is clinically proven to train the innate immune system to respond smarter, faster and stronger.

It also consistently and specifically modulates the composition of the gut microbiota to support a resilient gut ecosystem essential for a strong immune function and overall health.   

NutriLeads will showcase BeniCaros in gummy products that SupplySide West attendees can sample at its booth, 3341. NutriLeads senior managers will be available to discuss the science of BeniCaros as well as commercial applications. 

BeniCaros’ small daily serving size of only 300 mg and its favourable formulation profile – tasteless, odourless, water soluble and heat/pH stable – make it a game-changer for innovative immune and gut health product applications and formats.

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