OmniActive introduces Integrative Actives platform

Published: 7-Jul-2021

The first product produced using the platform is the company’s eye health supplement, Nutritears

OmniActive Health Technologies has announced Integrative Actives, a platform designed to facilitate the delivery of multiple actives into concentrated smaller doses. The first product developed using Integrative Actives is Nutritears, a patent-pending supplement containing lutein and zeaxanthin isomers, curcuminoids, and vitamin D3, designed to improve eye hydration .

"Our proprietary consumer insights showed that more than 70% of those surveyed perceive supplements to be more effective or just as effective compared to their current therapy (such as eye drops) for managing multiple aspects of occasional dry eye," said Isabel Lucas, Director of Product Launch and Marketing Excellence. "There is a clear need in the market and Nutritears creates new opportunities for our customers by delivering an innovative, clinically-demonstrated solution."

In a recent study, the supplement was reportedly shown to improve eye hydration and moisture, lessen tear loss and help improve healthy tear production as well as help soothe issues associated with occasional dry eyes in two weeks. It was also shown to reduce the need for artificial tears, which addresses the primary concern of inconvenience.

"Considering the multifactorial nature of occasional dry eyes, a multi-modal nutritional approach is relevant. Using our Integrated Actives platform, we selected three bioactives based how they work from a mechanism of action perspective to address the multifactorial nature of occasional dry eyes in the convenience of one softgel," said Deshanie Rai, VP of Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at OmniActive.

Nutritears is scheduled for an official commercial launch later in the year.

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